Boeing 737 Taildock

Boeing 737

Special scaffolds for Boeing

A sophisticated solution by Custers. Custom-built scaffolds specially designed for Boeing, for maintenance and repair works to the Boeings 737, 747 and 777. The cunningly designed tailor-made scaffolds are comfortable working platforms, tail towers, adjustable mobile access steps, special scissor lifts and aluminium cockpit window docks, which allow safe and stable operations to any type of Boeing.

The aluminium scaffolds are stored in a special casing. This allows for easy transportation of these bespoke aluminium scaffolds, and for easy and quick deployment anywhere in the world.

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  • Boeing 737 
  • Height adjustable cargo bay access steps
  • Taildock with extendable platform-sections
  • Aluminium scaffolds for spraying activities
  • Mobile 13m long work platform alongside fuselage