With CustersĀ® scaffolding, you can create a stable, safe and efficient working situation at practically any height.
Hard to reach spots? With a CustersĀ® aerial work platform, you will quickly, efficiently, and above all safely reach practically any place of work.
Custom-built maintenance docks, working platforms, steps and aerial work platforms for Aviation.
For the manufacture of our products we use high-quality materials. All our business processes and products also meet the most important standards.
Due to the new European EN1004 norm (valid from 1-11-2021) safety, building the scaffold, will increase.
Even after the purchase, our employees are happy to assist you. For repairs, maintenance, inspections and other forms of service, we have our own service department.
Since 1901
Custers Hydraulica BV has been acting as a reliable partner for other companies since 1901

Demanding clients choose Custers

From small painting businesses to large aviation companies. From contractors to rental companies. Custers has a very varied list of clients. But all these customers have one thing in common: they seek to provide top quality themselves, so that's what they expect of us.