The renewed EN 1004-1 safety standard

NEW EN 1004-1:2020 standard: what changes?

  • This new standard replaced the existing standard EN 1004:2004 last November 2021.
  • Validation & implementation dates by locals authorities vary for the different EC countries.

As a manufacturer we must propose materials and assemblies according to the latest standard!
The amended EN 1004 has consequences for the user.

  • The most important change concerns the distances between platforms.
  1. The maximum distance between the ground level and the first platform is reduced to 3.40 m. If a “help platform” is used at a maximum height of 60 cm the first intermediate or working platform can be at 4 m.
  2. The max. distance between two intermediate or work platforms is now 2.25 m instead of 4.20 m.
  • This renewed standard implies the following: you must be protected from all sides at any time during the (dis)assembly of the scaffolding. This primarily means that hip- and intermediate guardrails must be mounted before you step onto a platform. Custers developed two different solutions: “mobile guards” and “safe guards”. By using these you are guaranteed to work safely on every level.
  1. A mobile guard is a guardrail that you mount on the upper rung 3 m above the actual platform that you stand on. After mounting the next level platform(s) you mount the knee guardrails whilst sitting in the open hatch. This guard-rail travels up & down during (dis)assembly. The mobile guard allows you to work with your conventional braces and offers optimal fall protection and stability.
  2. The alternative way to comply to the new EN 1004-1 is to build up the mobile tower by means of permanently positioned safe guards. These guardrail frames partly replace your conventional diagonals and horizontals and make it possible to reduce the number of platforms needed in the 1,3 m width frames.

Please do see below the building instructions for the two systems we have;
mobile tower with safe guard and mobile tower with mobile guard:

We strongly suggest to work with the mobile guard system: this system can be used easily in the assemblies you currently work with.

• In addition to the above, the new EN 1004-1 standard changes the scope from 2,5 m – 12 m into 0 m - 12 m platform height.

Consequently, the composition of the Foldy foldable scaffolds will change; small stabilizers, handrails and toeboards have to be added to the existing Foldy-assembly in order to comply with the new EN-1004-1 standard.

Custers can offer you the components to update your existing Custers mobile towers to the new EN 1004-1 standard. 

If you have any questions about the new EN 1004-1 standard and its impact on your scaffolding, please contact us. We are more than happy to help you!