Custers Hydraulica BV from Venray (NL) has about 50 employees and has been a producer of high quality products since 1901, which make it possible to work safely at heights. 

Since 1980, we have been a producer of high-quality aluminium scaffolding. Our aluminium scaffolding is versatile and widely used in various market segments.

For the civil and military aviation industry, we develop and produce custom-build scaffolding, work platforms, access stairs and maintenance stagings.

We have also produced aerial work platforms for over 60 years and we now apply this knowledge and experience as an independent service company for all types and brands of aerial work platforms for our customers.

Renowned companies such as Heijmans, BAM, Spie, Hoeflake, Loxam, DEK, Scania, Airbus, Boeing, KLM & Air France are among our customers.

Our corporate culture is open and direct with a flat, informal business organisation with short lines of communication, enabling us to act quickly & decisively. We do our utmost to respond to our customers' wishes in the best possible way.

We operate nationally, but are also active internationally. Custers products are mostly sold in Europe, but in recent years we have also spread our wings across Canada and the United States.

Our staff consists of a healthy mix of young and old; solid professionalism combined with innovative, fresh ideas lead to a continuous flow of product and process innovations.

In our vision, we strive for quality and customisation, delivering products that make it possible to work at height safely and effectively; SAFE ACCESS. The objectives we have formulated in this respect are continuity, growth, improvement of price/quality and innovation. That is what Custers Hydraulica B.V. stands for.

Core values within Custers are: quality, innovation, reliability.

Doing what we say, putting yourself in your client's shoes, nothing less than crazy enthusiastic clients, delivering quality, integrity and honesty, treating each other with respect, having fun at work, stimulating employee growth and development, and increasing innovation and dynamism within the organisation. These are all important values within Custers.

It's all about attention and connecting in the broadest sense of the word.