Even after the purchase of your scaffolding or aerial work platform, we are still pleased to be of service. Our own service department carries out maintenance, repairs, inspections and other forms of service for all makes of aerial work platforms and for Custers® aluminium scaffolding.

We are able to carry out our tasks ad hoc or on a contract basis, at your premises or in our own workshop. If desired, our service staff can also advise you about assembly, modification and maintenance.

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Annual inspection

There is a legal requirement to have aerial work platforms and scaffolding periodically inspected. We can carry out these periodic inspections quickly and expertly for you. Usually we are able to carry out any repairs immediately, so that your aerial work platform or scaffolding is ready for use again in no time.

We carry out inspections and repairs for: 

  • Traditional trailer and truck aerial work platforms
  • Fire service aerial work platforms and ladder vehicles
  • Antenna masts 
  • Scissor aerial work platforms
  • Telehandlers
  • Track-mounted aerial work platforms
  • Other lifting platforms
  • Hydraulic cylinders

Training for users

If you wish, our service staff can also provide a day's training for the users of your aerial work platform. This deals with all the important issues for safe and efficient use and maintenance of the aerial work platform.