Quality policy 2022

                                                                                                    Quality policy 2022

The quality policy of Custers Hydraulica BV aims to deliver products and services that meet the expectations of the customer and the laws and regulations that apply to it. All this while keeping our three core values Reliability, Innovation and Quality in mind.

To realise this objective, Custers Hydraulica BV has integrated a quality management system in the organisation, which is in accordance with the norm NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015. The principles of this quality management system are:

  • Reliability

Custers Hydraulica BV is dependent on its customers. Satisfied customers are of primary importance for the success of the organization. Through the quality management system, the management ensures that the requirements of the customers are determined and met.

By measuring customer satisfaction, we monitor whether the requirements are met and whether customer satisfaction is further increased. Risks and opportunities that may affect the overall performance of the organisation are identified and addressed.

  • Innovation

Custers Hydraulica BV manufactures a wide range of orders and products. Many of these products are developed in close consultation with the customer. This requires a high degree of flexibility that goes hand in hand with a clear division of tasks, responsibilities, and authorities within the organisation and in the execution of the various orders.

In addition, it is ensured that employees have the necessary knowledge, data and resources to carry out their tasks.

  • Quality

Process owners are responsible for managing and improving the most important business processes. All employees are involved in striving for quality improvement. They are motivated to achieve improvements in products, processes and methods, in which customer-oriented thinking is paramount.

Once a year, a plan is drawn up in which the quality objectives to be realised (including improvement objectives) are formulated in measurable terms. Objectives are derived from this for all relevant functions and levels within the organisation.

The policy with regard to outsourcing and suppliers is aimed at creating an optimal situation in the supply chain. Outsourcer and supplier will have to continuously meet the requirements with regard to quality, delivery time, costs and service.