18-07 Door: Anouk Bos

Custers VERDA 9: working and driving at height!

Recently Custers delivered two VERDA 9 track mounted platforms to Voets Gewapende Grondconstructies from Rosmalen. This innovative company is specialised in soil retaining walls and geotechnical constructions.

The VERDA 9 has been refined this year in order to realize a better working envelope and offers more ease of use. From now on, this platform is fitted with a two persons cage and a load sensing controlled envelope that allows up to 230kg cage load. This results in a 7m lateral outreach with 80kg cage load.

The maximal working height of 9,2m combined with a load of only 2500kg makes this VERDA 9 ideal for working on a rough surface or areas with a limited floor load like in stable construction work. On top of that the VERDA 9 allows to drive at height in the greater part of the working envelope. More information needed? Feel free to contact Custers!