Truck-mounted aerial work platform Taurus 265-12.5m

The truck-mounted elevated work platform Taurus 265-12.5 is a sturdy articulated elevator platform.  Its compactness, high manoeuvrability, possibility to work at height without the use of outriggers, outrigging within the width of the vehicle and the relatively low maintenance costs, all add to the popularity of the truck-mounted elevated work platform Taurus 265-12.5.

The Custers® truck-mounted aerial work platform Taurus 265-12.5 is highly suitable for public lighting maintenance in shopping areas, parks and squares. This truck-mounted elevated work platform is fast, efficient and easily manoeuvrable. 
Working Height 12,50 m.
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  • Working height up to 12.5m
  • Required driving licence C
  • Maximum cage load 265kg
  • Can be operated without outriggers
  • 360º rotation
  • Proportional operation
  • Outriggers within vehicle width