Track mounted aerial work platforms

Hard to reach spots? With a Custers track mounted aerial work platform, you will quickly, efficiently, and above all safely reach practically any place of work.

  • Ergonomically responsible 
  • Certified quality
  • Excellent price-quality ratio
  • Custom-built always possible

Custers Hydraulica B.V. designs and manufactures compact track mounted platforms with a working height of 9m of 12m.

Our range of products consists of:

Verda 9-2500 - working height 9m, total weight 2500 kg (BE-driving license)

Verda 12-3500 - working height 12m, total weight 3500 kg

Verda 12-4900 - working height 12m, total weight 4900 kg

The Verda 9 has a main boom with one telescopic section, whereas the Verda 12 has an main boom with two telescopic sections.

Features Verda track mounted platforms

  • Compact machine
  • Driveable at height
  • Proportional and simultaneous movements
  • Max. cageload 230 kg
  • Large working diagram
  • Continuous rotation
  • Verda 12 is equipped with 2 x 90° cage rotation
  • Open steel cage (lxwxh: 1.3m x 0.7m x 1.1m)
  • Equipped with Yanmar-dieselmotor
  • Suited to work in rough terrain circumstances
  • Safe and stable in use
  • Easy to operate
  • Developed for use in the industry, building sector as well as the green sector
  • Options: non-marking tracks, sockets in cage, convertor, extra driving speed, paint in company-colour

This track mounted platform is driven by a failsafe PLC. All movements are fully proportional and multiple simultaneous movements can be carried out.

Safety standards
All our aerial work platforms do meet the European safety standard EN280.