Hard to reach spots? With a Custers de-icer, you will quickly, efficiently, and above all safely reach practically any place of work.


  • Ergonomically responsible 
  • Certified quality
  • Excellent price-quality ratio
  • Custom-built always possible

Custers Hydraulica B.V. manufactures de-icers in close cooperation with the company TEXTRON in Sweden. These de-icers are mounted on 18t trucks. Custers is responsible for the complete instalment of the aerial work platform and the coachwork of the de-icer.

TEXTRON builts up the de-icing installation. This includes the instalment of 2 or 3 fluid-tanks, a mix-unit, heaters and a spray system. Typhoon de-icers, the open-basket aircraft de-cers/washers, proved their high reliability and ease in use in many airports.

The program consists of:

  • Typhoon 13 - De-icers with a working height of 13m
  • Typhoon 16 - De-icers with a working height of 16.5m

The Typhoon has been designed both for regional airports as well as for international large airports. Its full equipment allows optimum adaptation to all requirements. Its amazing range eases the de-icing process and allows maximum flexibility.

Safety standards
De-icers are built according EN1915-1, EN1915-2 and EN12312-6.