Vehicle mounted scissorlift with 7m working height

We have two models of 7m vehicle mounted scissorlifts:
  • SL3000-5.5TM: this scissorlift has a payload of 3000 kg and it can be mounted on a vehicle of min. 12t. These machines are versatile in use and are ideally suited for all kinds of infrastructural works (e.g. tunnel-maintenance)
  • GWD700-6.7: this is a large scissorlift mounted on a 26t truck, specifically designed for railway maintenance works. The total lift consists of two scissorlift-sections, which generate a max. platform of (lxw) 15.1m x 2.1m.
Specific design for railway maintenance. Platform has two hydraulically longitudinally extendable platformsections and two manually extendable side-platform sections. Max. payload platform 700 kg (6 persons, 220 kg material). Mounted on vehicle equipped wit a specific rail undercarriage. Driving with elevated platform is possible till a max. cant of 180mm. PLC-control. Controlbox with fingertip joysticks. Access to platform through 2-sided stair-entrance on the rearside of the vehicle. Safe and stable. Robust construction.
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  • Max. working height*: 6.7m
  • Max. cagefloor height*: 4.7m
  • Max. payload platform: 700 kg
  • Dimensions platform lxw*: 15.1m x 2.1m
  • Dimensions hydr. extendable platform: longitudinal 3.55m-4.65m / sideplatform 1.20m
  • Control: proportional
  • Max. tilt: 2° (in transverse & longitudinal direction), provided chassis stands on its wheels
  • GVW: min. 26t
  • *Depends on vehicle-type, GVW, platform-payload, others