Vehicle mounted scissorlift with 6m working height

For this type we have two versions: a light version to be built on a 3.5-5t vehicle and another one to be mounted on a truck with a minimal GVW of 8t.

Light version
Compact vehicle mounted scissorlift, can be built on 3.5-5t vehicle*. Max. payload platform 300 kg. PLC-control. Controlbox with fingertip joysticks. Platform access through steps on the rearside of the vehicle. Provided mounted on vehicle with min. GVW of 4.2t, no outriggers are needed to work at height. This machine is not driveable at height. Easy in operate. Safe and stable.
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  • Max. working height*: 6.3m
  • Max. cagefloor height*: 4.3m
  • Max. payload platform: 300 kg
  • Dimensions platform lxw*: 3m x 1.7m
  • Control: proportional
  • Max. tilt: 2°
  • GVW: 3.5t-5t
  • *Depends on vehicle-type, GVW, outrigger-construction, platform-payload, others