Custers staircase scaffold

Custers staircase scaffold

Working upon and around staircases usually turns out to be a dangerous matter. The uneven steps is a difficult foundation to work on with a stepladder. The Custers® Staircase scaffold provides you with a safe base to work upon. The working height can be extended by two extra meters.
A big hatch in the scaffold gives you a free passage on the stairs when the staircase scaffold is in place and a the special wall support fixes the scaffold into the staircase opening. If this wall support can't be mounted, a standard outtrigger provides sufficient stability. 
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  • Variable working heights, ideal for working in awkward spaces
  • For safe work above stairs
  • Length 1.8m
  • Width 0.7m
  • Carrosply wooden platform floor with non-slip surface
  • Base frame has four adjustable scaffold supports
  • Guaranteed stability from wall support and outrigger