Reliable partner since 1901

For more than a hundred years now, Custers Hydraulica BV has been acting as a partner on whom other companies can build; the history of our company goes back to 1901. 


Specialist in aluminium scaffolding and aerial work platforms

In the course of the years, we have applied ourselves to the production and sale of aluminium scaffolding and aerial work platforms. We supply these to a very varied group of clients.  


Strong in custom-built

Do our scaffolding or aerial work platforms not completely meet your specifications? This is not a problem at all. Because we develop and manufacture our products under our own control, custom-built is always possible for us. 


Production in the Netherlands

We produce our scaffolding and aerial work platforms in our own factory in Venray. This means that we can guarantee the quality of our products and can respond quickly and flexibly to the wishes of our clients.


Certified quality

For the manufacture of our products, we make use of high quality materials. All our business processes and products also fulfil the most important standards.


For service & maintenance too

Even after the purchase, our staff are pleased to be of service. For repairs, maintenance, inspections and other forms of service, we have our own service department.

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