Custers Taurus Hybrid platform

Taurus hybrid aerial platform 230-12MH

Working 100% electric, 0% emission

You can choose to power the access platform with PTO or electro pump. The user is able to make this easy switch due to clever ergonomic settings. To reduce the power use to a minimum, the platform is equipped with two revs controlled electro pumps. A battery indicator gives you a clear view of the left over battery capacity. When unexpectedly the battery is down, you always can use the PTO of the truck    

Some advantages when working electric;

  • No exhaust gas emissions.
  • Noise reduction of 80dB when working electric
  • Saving of 4 litres of diesel per operating hour.
  • Approximately € 5.30 saving in fuel per hour PTO.
  • Every hour electric of work saves 8 kg of CO2 emission.
  • Using the platform 6 hours  a day (200 days per year) saves:
  • € 4000, - Diesel
  • 7700 kg of CO2 emission.

Because the electric drive is only used  when the platform is moving, the  actual emission is 80% less.The additional investment for the hybrid package has a return of  approximately 2 years. The  batteries can be charged  by the alternator on the truck and with a converter (230V).

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    Hybrid features
    • Working 100% electric (access platform)
    • 80% less emission when working the platform
    • Savings per hour : 4l diesel & 8kg CO2
    • Charging the batteries by altenator & 230 Volt
    • Available for platforms unit 12,5m working height
    • Min weight vehicle 3500kg