Custers Taurus 200-14 MVH

The Custers® aerial work platform TAURUS 200-14MVH with its compact measurements is designed to be mounted on a lighter chassis and that makes it volatile in city traffic. This combination is especially applicable in pedestrian areas, parks, narrow streets etc.. This boom lift has an articulating jib.

Hybrid at height!

The work platform can be empowered by the PTO on the engine or an electrical pump with battery. The user can simply swap from PTO to the battery use and vice versa. The machine has two frequency steered electrical pumps in order to reduce electrical consumption to a minimum. A simple charging indicator keeps the user informed about the charge of the battery. When empty the user can always rely on the traditional diesel engine PTO. The sound emission during electrical use is reduced to approx. 70 dB. The battery can be charged via the dynamo of the diesel engine or a charger on a 230V network.

Working Height 14 m.
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• 100% electrical working at height possible

• Optional less or more capacity possible

• Up to 80% less emission during working at height 
• Saving per hour: approx. 4l diesel & 8kg CO2 emission 
• Batteries to be charged via dynamo or 230V  
• Hybrid system optional on aerial work platforms up to 26 meter working height 
• GVW 5t and higher
• Outriggers stay within mirror width 
• Operating without outriggers possible with reduced rotation 
• Versatile and durable construction 
• Cage load of 200 kg 
• Compact combination with high manoeuvrability 
• Maintenance friendly construction