CustersĀ® Roof Edge Protection 2000

CustersĀ® Roof Edge Protection 2000

Custers®Roof Edge Protection 2000 meets all the user's wishes:
- Minimum investment: a single universal system for all situations.
- Damage-free: click-connections for guardrails. Therefore, no plastic knobs.
- Anti-rust, steel cantilever weight. Therefore, no breakable concrete blocks.
- Only two specific roof edge articles: the all-in barrier frame and the universal guardrail tube.
- The frame hangs 20 cm above the ground thanks to ingenious suspension mechanism.
- Entire construction erected without the use of tools. Therefore, very fast to erect!
- No need for problematic guide rolls along (glass) façades.
This system meets the requirements of NEN EN 13374 and is Class A and approved by the dutch 
 Aboma-Keboma, AI-15 and the Dutch Occupational Health and Safety Act. These regulations state that:
- Fall protection must be used for a fall-height of 2,5m or more.
- The minimum length of a roof edge protection system must be at least 3 metres.
- Guardrails at 0.5 metres and 1 metre above the roof edge must be fitted with a space of less than 
  47 cm between the guardrails. 
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  • Quick and simple to erect
  • No roof anchorage needed
  • Placement of 2 x 15kg ballast blocks in the base frame
  • Maximum distance between frames is 3m
  • Option of corner joints with help of railing connectors
  • 20cm free space for the edge of the roof below the base frame
  • Only 2 specific roof edge products: base frame and guardrail tube