Why should you choose Custers?

  • Wide range
    • Custers Hydraulica BV offers a wide range of high quality aluminium scaffolding with which you can create a safe working environment at practically any height and in almost all circumstances. In addition, for special situations we can also provide custom-built scaffolding.
  • Certified quality
    • All our aluminium scaffolding complies with the current European regulations and is separately inspected and certified for the national standards in all European countries. See also: standards & certification

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the questions we are most frequently asked about scaffolding. If you cannot find what you were looking for, please contact us.

What is the maximum load of the platform?
Custers® scaffolding always has a load of 200 kg/m2 (class 3), evenly distributed over the platform. This means that a platform measuring 2.5 metres has a maximum load of 300 kg.
How many outriggers must I use?
With freestanding use four outriggers must be installed. When positioned against a wall, two outriggers are sufficient.
Where can I buy Custers® mobile scaffolding?
Please contact us to find a sales location near you.
Can I hire Custers® scaffolding?
Most certainly. Custers® scaffolding used to be specially made for the rental market. Please contact us to find a rental company near you.
Why is Custers® scaffolding not compatible with other scaffolding?
This is due to the fact that Custers® scaffolding has a more robust wall-thickness  (2.3 mm) and it has 8-rungs frames instead of 7-rungs frames.
Our configuration makes it possible to construct a scaffolding with fewer diagonals, which provides more free working space than other systems.
Why does Custers use only 2 diagonals (1 cross) in each section instead of 4 diagonals?
Because of the greater thickness of the walls of the tubes used, fewer crosses are needed. This gives you more free working space.
What is the difference between Handy/Heavy Duty and Corona?
The most significant difference is in the way the product is produced: the Corona has a less sophisticated platform-design and has a much shorter welding time. The Corona scaffolding is equipped with lower priced, lower load-capacity wheels and with fewer stickers than the Handy scaffolding. The wood in the Corona-platform has the same quality as the wood of the Handy-platform.
What is the yellow claw-block colouring for?
This is what is known as the horizontal-diagonal positioned at the bottom of the scaffolding. This brace ensures that the scaffolding is always set up at right angles and it limits the torsion of the scaffolding, which means that a more stable working space is formed. When moving the scaffolding, the construction is also put under less pressure if one of the wheels bumps into something.
Can Custers® mobile scaffolding be repaired?
Yes; you can send the parts of your scaffolding to Custers for repair. This means that it is, for example, possible to replace a broken rung. You can easily repair minor matters such as damaged claw-block and trapdoor tapes yourself.
Is Custers® mobile scaffolding certified?
Yes. Custers® mobile scaffolding complies with the relevant European norms and is certified by the TÜV.  
Does my scaffolding have to be inspected?
As applies to all climbing equipment, it is important to have your scaffolding inspected periodically by an expert inspector. This is established in the Health and Safety legislation. Of course, you should always watch out for damages, dents and cracks. In practice, many users have their scaffolding inspected once a year.


Matters to take into consideration on the purchase of aluminium scaffolding. And tips for use.

  • Is the assembly offered constructed completely according to standards? 
    • If assemblies do not comply with standards, it is difficult to make a comparison between them. Custers Hydraulica BV provides assemblies of products that are always in accordance with the safety standards.
  • Is the scaffolding certified?
    • Standard configuration of our Custers® scaffolding is approved by the TÜV.
  • Wall thickness of the equipment
    • With a greater wall thickness, there are less quickly dents in the equipment and buckles shear off less quickly. When you choose a greater wall-thickness, you chose for durability.
  • Do you often work alone? Then note the type of blow-away protection of the platforms. 
    • Custers® scaffoldings have a particularly user-friendly solution for this. Many other providers deliver systems with pins that spring back automatically, which make the removal of the platforms almost impossible for one person alone.
  • Consider the purchase of 4-rung frames instead of guardrail frames with only knee and hip rails.
    • This provides greater flexibility in the construction. 
  • 1 or 2 crosses in each section?
    • In many types of scaffolding, 4 diagonals (2 crosses) are used in each section. Custers® scaffolding has the advantage that only 1 cross has to be used. In addition, the diagonal can be placed on either the 'work side' or the 'street side'. 
  • Are the claw blocks easy to repair? 
    • The synthetic coloured claw blocks in Custers® scaffoldings can indeed easily be repaired. 
      There where the locking device in other systems is an integrated metal pin, it is almost impossible to repair. 
  • Can the platforms be easily stacked and transported?
    • We have designed our lengthwise profile in such a way that they are automatically centred when stacking, which means that a tight stack is formed.
  • Do the rungs have an adequate profile in order to guarantee a good grip?
    • Our rungs have a ribbed profile around them for an optimal grip in all circumstances.
  • Is it easy to rent additional equipment? 
    • Is the brand that you are selecting also available from rental companies near you? Please contact Custers Hydraulica BV to be informed about its rental customers.

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From small painting businesses to large aviation companies. From contractors to rental companies. Custers has a very varied list of clients. But all these customers have one thing in common: they seek to provide top quality themselves, so that's what they expect of us.



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