Tractor-mounted aerial work platform

Custers Tractor-mounted aerial work platform SPS

Tractor-mounted aerial work platform This platform is driven via the tractor’s drive train. The aerial work platform is easily (dis)mountable on/from a tractor. This tractor-mounted aerial work platform enables you to quickly and safely perform activities at a height in places that are not easily accessible. The tractor remains versatile thanks to the click-on/off system. Subject to the type of tractor, an articulated or telescopic aerial work platform for any desired height can be constructed. Working heights -3m till +15m, max. outreach ± 10m (S15sp) and max. cage capacity of 200kg S8sp; articulated platform with working height 8m S10sp; telescopic platform with working height 10m S15sp; telescopic platform with working height 15m
Working Height 15 m.
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S8sp / S10sp / S15sp

°Max. platform height 6,4m/ 8,4m / 12,8m Min.
°platform height -3m Max.
°working height 8m / 10m/ 15m
°Max. outreach ± 7,5m / 9,5m / 10m
°Max. cage capacity 200kg