Truck-mounted aerial platform Taurus 200-10.5

Truck-mounted aerial platform Taurus 200-10.5

The truck-mounted Taurus 200-10.5 has a working height of 10.5m. Thanks to its compactness it can easily be mounted onto a lightweight chassis. Because the truck-mounted elevated work platform Taurus 200-10.5 manoeuvres easily in city traffic, it is very suitable for use in pedestrian areas, small courtyards, shopping areas and parks. Custers® truck-mounted aerial work platform Taurus 200-10.5 guarantees maximum safety and manoeuvrability. This is an articulated work platform that is suitable for various vehicles.
Working Height 10,50 m.
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  • Working height up to 10.5m
  • Required driving licence B / BE
  • Maximum cage load 200kg
  • Horizontal outreach up to 6.5m
  • Can be operated without outriggers
  • Outriggers within chassis width
  • Built on a 3.5t or 5t chassis